Wednesday, July 18, 2007

NJ Elite 2007

NJ Elite Wildwood, NJ 07/07

A Different World, A Different Worker

Today's presentation was done by Daniel Pink the author of "A Whole New Mind". He presented to us the concepts of Abundance, Asia and Automation. He discussed that American is a country of abundance presently compared to previous generations. He mentioned that an increase in the number of storage facilities has to do with the increase in the abundance that can be found in America. He continued about the exportation of jobs from the US to Asia. In his analysis, he mentioned that even though certain jobs may be exported still the US economy generates more employable positions than those exported. Industry leaders are looking for employees that are rounded using both right and left brain functions to perform their duties. He presented about "high concept" and "high touch". "High Concept" involves the ability to detect patterns, create artistic and emotional beauty. "High Touch" deals with having empathy for others and the ability to stretching beyond the ordinary in pursuit of purpose and meaning. Look at the whole picture rather than just a minute focus, is what is needed in the modern employee. He presented the 6 abilities that matter most. 1. design, 2. story, 3. symphony, 4. empathy, 5. play and 6. meaning. He explained each ability in detail leading to how we need to prepare students today to compete in a global society.

Daniel Pink
After his presentation there was a break. Then there was a question and answer section with Daniel Pink. After this session, there was a book signing for Daniel Pink and a reception for attendees.

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