Sunday, January 04, 2009

Ed Tech Overview in 2008

Ed Tech Overview 2008

David Warlick at NJElite

Will Richardson at Kean University (PLP pilot)
It has been sometime since I have added to this blog but I thought it was important to add at this present time because I have attended quite a few conferences and training in New Jersey. There is so many changes in Ed Tech that it seems as if time just disappears before you have an opportunity to comment on these changes.
The following three conferences and training was done since January 2008 - NJ Elite 2008 in Wildwood, NJ, PLP pilot program at Kean University, NJ and the Career Academies training done by the Department of Education in Atlantic City, NJ.
Linda Carmona-Bell at NJAET

David Pogue at NJElite
Even though these conferences and training maybe be different, the underlining theme is that the technical tools that can be used in the learning process of students keep expanding but somehow the "educational institution" does not seem to want to change. As one superintendent mentioned in one of these conferences, "....we to move forward even if it means we are taking them kicking and screaming into the 21st century". The issue is not the student of today but trying to change on institution that has not changed since 1950 does pose as a massive task. But can we wait any longer or can we give up? I must say that after attending these training and conferences it has renewed my belief that we can make a change and that we can prepare our students in a more effective manner for college or for the work place. Thanks to all that renewed my belief in our school systems!!!!
CIE at Kean University