Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The use of a blog to distribute information or to get feedback from others regarding any topic of interest is great. The use of blogging for educational purposes provides an avenue where students are not judged for who they are but by the content of their blog. To be able to collaborate and contribute information to projects or discussions is a venue for anytime, anywhere learning.

Below are some of the people I have admired and included in their blogs is information regarding the use of blogging for instruction purposes.


David Warlick

Alan November

David Thornburg

Ian Jukes

Thursday, October 12, 2006

International Society of Technology in Education - ISTE
Personal Yahoo Website - My Yahoo
New Jersey Association for Educational Technology - NJAET
Google for Educators - Google
The Consortium of School Networking - CoSN
The Consortium of School Networking - Emerging Technology Committee - CoSN-ETC
American Association of School Administrators - AASA
New Jersey Association of Principals and Supervisors Association - NJPSA

Podcasts of interests
Podcast for teachers - Fordham University RETC
New Jersey Podcasts

Personal Wiki space

People of Interest
Sue LeBeau
Jim Collins
Ian Jukes
Alan November

Email accounts