Thursday, July 19, 2007

NJ Elite 07/19/07

Workshop on Podcasting for Teaching and Learning - Presenter: David Marra of Apple, Inc.

This morning we attended a workshop on using podcasting in the classroom. Podcasting is used for a combination of different media elements to create projects and for the publishing the product to the world via the web. The informaation is shared, collected and then created that can be used on an Apple or PC fomat. Podcasting has become a cultural phenomena. It is a combination of an Ipod and traditional radio broadcasting. Not only can a lesson be recorded via audio and video but handouts are also avaliable using iTunes as the gathering software. On iTunes there are 90,000 podcasts available at no cost. The website for finding educational podcasts is Podcasting began in 2004 and has bloomed into a major cultural icon. Companies have used podcasting as an internal training for their employees. They are also used in higher education as an extension of the classroom presentation. One university using podcasting is Standford University. The website is There are several tools can be used for creating podcasts iMovie, iWeb, iDVD, iPhoto and GarageBand. Audacity software can be used for creating podcasts in PC devices but it is audio only. Even though the podcast is created on a Mac, it can be played back on any device. David presented that an iPod could be connected directly to a projection device using an iPod AV cable. The iPod also has a universal docking device that connects the iPod to a remote control to control the iPod. David also demonstarted how GarageBand 3.0 functions and some of the added features that can be used. The presentation was done well even though there was issues on using the Internet.

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