Thursday, August 28, 2008

NJ Elite 2008, Wildwood, New Jersey.

For the first time I was actually training administrators on how to use Google tools for administrative purposes. On Wednesday 07/16/08, I attended lunch and hear a presentation by David Pogue - Five Technologies for the Next Five Years.

It was great to share the experience with one of my colleagues from my school district and also have a personal conversation with administrators and presenters at my table including David Warlick and Kevin Jarrett.

Kevin had created a Ning online community for conversations to continue during and after the conference. Pogue discussed several tools that at present I have used myself and found to be very useful. The Google 411 is absolutely great! The new T-Mobile phone system is now being adverstised on television and has me considering whether I should change services. The presentation was funny and to the point on what technologies will be introduced in the coming years. Kevin Jarrett did recorded some of the presentation at

The strands that were offered to the attendees of the conference were:

1. Administrative Productivity with Technology (where I taught about using Google Tools and 2 other workshops on using Microsoft Excel and using Microsoft PowerPoint)

2. The Future of Technology and Learning (co-presented by David Warlick and Kevin Jarrett)

3. Superintendents/Principal Forum

The main speaker at the end of the conference was David Warlick. Overall the conference was great! The exchange of ideas and practices at other school districts does inspire me to try new and innovative ways of incorporating technology in my school district.

Some pictures by David Walick on the NJ Elite Conference.

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